December 10, 2016

This makes us happy….

Since a few years, I am Managing Director of SNS Industries, we manufacture vacuum loading equipment with remote controlled accessories in the Middle Eastern region.

Together with my team, I am indirectly trying to save lives and I am sure that it is a logical aim supported by every human being.
We all want to be happy and I believe happiness and mind peace are the best drives to be successful as an MD.

It seems a bit ironic that people serving the process industry, which is the primary industry producing products to better our life quality, are frequently exposed to very life threatening dangers and risk during their daily activity.

A lot of secondary industry, delivering services to the primary industry, execute first in-line activities during turnarounds, shutdowns, sometimes even under process conditions.
People working for companies who deliver first in-line services are usually well protected, the primary and secondary industry are taking the necessary precautions, nevertheless they are often exposed to considerable dangers and risks.

Our aim is to make a difference in that perspective and to design, develop and implement automated technology accompanied by an appropriate operating safety standards to minimize or avoid direct exposure.

We are obliged, by our common sense and logical thinking, to use automated technology in areas where people are exposed to realistic dangers and risks.

Today on the market, you can find technology to serve this obligation. First in-line activities can be supported by remote controlled technology which is safer, delivering better quality, do the job faster and is saving costs overall.

You can recruit higher skilled people train them as operators to serve on another level, to act with more awareness and to become happier and proud people.
How easy it becomes to make people happy if you are a happy MD yourself.

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