July 5, 2016

FLUID VACUATORS built with Middle Eastern Pride

Global Contract Holders in Middle Eastern Petrochemical Industry choose for homemade equipment with philosophy and local support 

SNSI manufacturer of FLUID VACUATORS (in local terminology SUPERSUCKERS)  


SARENS NASS SMET INDUSTRIES in BAHRAIN, is a very passionate equipment manufacturer, unique in the region and producing “high capacity vacuum equipment”

Our equipment is designed and developed to collect and transport liquid products, hazardous or non-hazardous in a safe, responsible, and most efficient way.

We built to European standards, deliver a Middle Eastern oriented design, vital and suitable for the GCC and other regional countries.

Our products are easy to operate, can be utilized in difficult and dangerous circumstances, by using it you avoid exposure of people to immediate danger and risk.

In the 60 years of experience we discovered that no equipment can be marketed without a strong and powerful philosophy which we adjusted and customize differently for each region, each country, and each continent.

The dangers and challenges of the market appear sometimes as an unexpected thunderstorm on which we immediately anticipate and mostly succeed to convert into promising opportunities.

The continuous growth and high demand for our product in the GCC market made us confident and unhesitant to invest in a new facility, equipped with all the latest manufacturing technology, located in the BAHRAIN INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT PARK.

Today, we have two production plants, both in BAHRAIN and service points in every large industrial city in each of the GCC countries.

We are sure that automation is the key to optimistic future and that it will have a huge improvement and impact on people’s quality of life.

We are convinced that adding knowledge to our society will level up the intelligence of people during the present and future generation in a tremendous way.


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